Woodley’s Literary Services is an online authoring, editing and proofreading company in South Africa. We offer a range of services at affordable prices. All our freelancers are qualified and have experience as professional authors, editors, proofreaders and are native English speakers.

Contact us via the contact form on this website or email info@woodleys.co.za. We will reply by email with a price and return date. If you would like to proceed, we will send an invoice with the payment options. You can state a preferred return date as long as it gives us a reasonable amount of time to do a quality job.

We usually require a 50% upfront payment from new clients.

We usually in edit Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx) files, using the track changes function. You, the client retain creative control over your work, with our changes clearly visible and comments and suggestions made in the margin. Once the work is completed to your satisfaction, we will email you a clean copy with the track changes and comments removed. We will also tidy up your headings and paragraphs to ensure your file is professional in appearance.

We can also edit Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file types, using “sticky notes” instead of track changes.